Sustainable clothing that directly supports endangered primates.

We donate 20-50% of all purchases directly to conservation centers that aid the saving of endangered primates. To see exactly where your money goes, read more on our mission page. 

How We Help

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Conservation Efforts

We donate 20-50% of all proceeds directly to sanctuaries and conservation centers that house endangered primate species.

No Plastics

We use 100% paper bags and wraps when packaging and shipping our products.

How It Works

When you pick out a product, your support is sent directly to the primate of your choosing. So, if you buy an orangutan tee, your support is sent directly to one of our orangutan conservation partners.

Feel great, look great.

Our shirts will always feel super soft. We believe that comfort is extremely important, so we only use 100% spun cotton in our shirts. We don’t send out a shirt if we think it doesn’t feel soft, because no one wants a scratchy tee.

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Soft and Clean Materials

We only use comfortable, breathable, and eco-friendly materials for our clothes.

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